RSRI - N.G.O Nr 2020/876097/08

One of the main focus points of the RSRI is to do research on the implementation of funding received by S.O.E (State Owned Enterprises) or the  Government

South Africa

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The Rome Statute Research Institute  (RSRI)  is a NGO (Non- Governmental Organisation)  as well as a NPC (Non-Profit Company) that focus in the sub-Saharan continent on  issues regarding the Rome Statute.

NPC nr. 2020/876097/08


Our Mission Statement

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COVID-19 response

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Our Projects

EU call for transparency

To do research on the implementation of funds donated by International organisations such as European Union, European Council, United Nations, ext. in South Africa.

Rapid Response Covid-19 Airports

Urgent results of research done on spreading of Covid 19 at airports

airport, terminal, travel
Clean Beach Project

Cleaning beaches, employing people to recycle materials

Hybrid Catamaran Project

To bring parties together to consider possible participation in a Revolutionary Hybrid Project

Drone Training

Training is provided to fly Drones

Pyrolysis Plant

The pyrolysis plant is a machine that converts mainly waste plastic/tyre to fuel oil.

Marine protection

Establish a Research center for Marine Protection & Research

Humanitarian and Livestock Aid

Assist communities that are stricken by drought / fire / natural disasters etc

Jelly Fish Population

Research the importance of Jelly fish in the eco system

nature, north sea, northsea
Wild / Rhino

Conservation and Rhino Chip Project

rhinoceros, mounting, animal
Crocodile breading

Establishing new industry opportunity

Hi-Tech K9

Tracking collars, drone tracking, radio tracking, Security Companies & training K9

High School

Upgrading school grounds

Fresh Water Fish Breeding

Establishing new Eco business opportunity and work prospects


Establish Creche for childcare

baby, toys, cute
Rehab Dam

Rehabilitation of dams

landscape, snake river, snake river lakes

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